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Looking to add more authentic pillow to you tent set-up? Creating a hospital scenario set-up? Maybe looking to add some more authentic dressing to a museum display? Well, what better way than to add some Sanitary Commission pillows!


These pillow sets are based of the February 1, 1862 publication of the Cincinatti, OH branch of the USSC. In the publication they listed a variety of products they needed, including pillows, pillow ticks, and pillow cases. 


Our pillow ticks are about 24 x 16 inches and made from blue strip, 100% cotton mattress ticking, and are closed by 3 sets of cotton ties. The pillow cases measure 30 x 18 inches and are made from a very soft white cotton. Both will feature the US Santitary Commission stamp.


You can also add a pillow to your set for an additional $18. While these are not made here in the shop, they are made with natual feathers and down, and a 100% cotton case. If you plan to use your own pillow, you will want to find one measuring about 16 x 26.

USSC Pillow Set

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