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What is your return policy:
For all standard items there is a two (2) week return policy from when you receive your order, customer pays for return shipping. We do not accept returns on custom items, so it is very important we get correct measurements and details on your product before work begins.
How much is shipping?
Shipping cost depends on the total for your order. Shipping for orders within the continental (lower 48 states) United States are: $8 for orders up to $5o, $12 for orders up to $125, $15 for orders up to $150, $20 up to $225, $25 up to $700, $30 up to $1000, $35 for orders to $1200. Orders larger than $1200 will need a custom shipping quote. If you need your order shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an accurate shipping estimate.
Do you sell fabric by the yard?
At this time we are not selling fabric by the yard.
What is the shipping time-frame for item X?
For most items, shipping time is usually 6-8 months, depending on the item and where we are in production. For higher end items like enlisted uniform/frock coats, zouave package deals, and custom orders, shipping is usually 8-10 months, again depending on schedule. If there is going to be an unusual delay in getting your item completed, we will contact you with an estimated time-frame.
How do I know my trouser size?
Modern pants have very different sizing than 19th century clothes, which went off of a straight waist measurement. When ordering trousers, it is imperative that you get the correct measurements for both your waist (at the naval, not the hips) and inseam. You can generally use the inseam measurement from modern pants, but to get the waist measurement you will need to use a measuring tape or a strip of cloth cut to a specific length (we recommend using a yardstick to measure a 40-50 inch long strip, which can then be used to measure your waist. Again, it is absolutely important that we have your correct waist measurement to ensure that your product fits properly.
What measurements do I need to order a US Enlisted frock coat?
These are one of the most complicated garments from the Civil War to produce, and, as with the trousers, is is very important that we have all the correct measurements to ensure a proper fit. When ordering a frock coat, we will get in touch with you after you place the order to gather all the proper measurements (there is a PDF document at the bottom of this page listing all the measurements needed for our various products). It would be helpful if you have all or some of the measurements when we contact you. They are: chest, waist at naval, base of neck to naval, sleeve length, base of neck at the back to the knee, and neck. All measurements in inches, please.
Do you always have blue-gray kersey available for Confederate jackets?
Unfortunately, this material can be hard to come by, and colors can vary widely. We cannot guarantee blue-gray kersey will be available all the time, and when it is, the color may like different than the images shown on our site. If it is not available, we will make sure to say as much on the individual items. If you want to check, please do not hesitate to send us a message ask. We are always happy to speak with customers.
What items do you have in stock?
Currently we do not carry stock items, but rather make orders as they come in. However, there are occasionally used and new items available on the "SALE" page they are done and ready to ship immediately. 
Do you use the original paint recipe?
Short answer: No, we do not. We made the choice not to use the original haversack paint recipe out of a number of considerations, chief among them health. The original recipe was highly volatile and prone to spontaneous combustion. In additon to this, the original paints took weeks, if not months, to dry. Numerous original canteen slings shows signs of black paint on their undersides, indicating that the paint on their haversacks was not yet dry when they were issued. No one wants to wait months for their new haversack to dry, or, worse yet, to have their new frock coat stained with paint the first time they were it with their new haversack. Instead, we use a glossy outdoor latex paint that gives the same shimmer and feel as the originals. The paint we use also wears the same way as the orignal paint and does not flake off like the paint used on some other reproductions.
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