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Blouses from Philadelphia's Schuylkill Arsenal are perhaps the most universal of U.S. Army coats from the Civil War. Froom being the only pre-war produced of uniforms to being one of the largest single makers of uniforms during the war; these coats show up in photos from all theaters and periods of the war, and numerous originals have survived to the present day. If you can only have one Union fatigue blouse, either of our Schuylkill Arsenal blouses would be a great addition to your closet.


Our unlined blouse is made from the same high quality indigo woll flannel as our other blouses. This coats features typical Schuylkill Arsenal designs like a squared collar, flat-bottomed pocket made from wool flannel or jean cloth, and deep cuff vents. Unique about this coat is that it features a 2-piece body and 1-piece sleeve construction. This coat can be made in either our standard grade (hand topstitched and seams flat felled by hand), or completely handsewn for an additional $95.




To ensure a proper fit, we request that you get accurate measurements using a tape measure or the strip of cloth and yardstick method detail on the FAQ page. Without an accurate measurement, we cannot ensure that your garment will fit they way it is intended to.


If you are taller than 5'9", please let us know that you will need a longer length jacket.


For sizes larger than 48, there is an additional $10 added to the item.

Unlined Schuylkill Arsenal Fatigue Blouse

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