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One of the least represented but most utilitarian of commercial garments available to US soldiers during the civil war is the unlined sack coat. Unlined commercial coats were popular with both officers and enlisted men and were made in a variety of styles and configurations. We have chosen to recreated the commercial sack coat worn by Captain William Hyser of the 6th MI Cavalry.


Like the original, this coat is based on enlisted style garments, but has some notable flare that sets it apart from government-made items. It is made from a high-quality wool flannel and will feature 4 staff officer buttons down the front and 3 on each cuff. Unlike the original, however, ours comes standard WITHOUT sleeve linings, but we can easily add a printed cotton sleeve lining for $20 if you would like your coat to be made just like the original. You can also choose to have an external patch pocket rather than an internal one like the original garment.


Since these are commercial items, there can be quite a lot of variations to them, so if you have something in mind that isn't a standard option here, no worries, just send us an email and we'll be happy to quote a more customized garment for you!


When ordering, please make sure your measurements are accurate to ensure a proper fit.

Unlined Commercial Sack Coat

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