Trousers made by Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia were the single most widespread style of trousers issued to Union soldiers. These trousers were seen East, West, North, and South in all Union armies throughout the war. Having a good pair of Schuylkill Arsenal trousers will see you through almost all scenarios you might encounter in living history.


Our reproduction Schuylkill Arsenal trousers are made from the same quality wool kersey as our other trousers and overcoats. These trousers have all the visible stitching, both inside and out, down by hand. Schuylkill Arsenal trousers had a watch pocket that featured facing that stuck above the waistband, as well as side seam or curved mule ear pockets. They are also notable for their triangular yoke at the rear of the trousers. Our reproductions can be made in either sky blue or dark blue kersey.