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While the contractor made overcoats are some of the most common originals found today, before the war, the only facility making overcoats, and all other uniform items, was the US Army Arsenal in Philadelphia, the Schuylkill Arsenal. As with many garments coming out of this facility, the materials used can vary widely depending on what was available.  Our reproduction Schuylkill Arsenal overcoat is made from the same excellent wool kersey as our other overcoats and trousers, and can be lined in red, dark blue, or tan wool flannel; or we can line it with tan jean cloth like several of the original SA overcoats were for an additional $10. All visible stitching is done by hand, as well as countless hidden ones. Note: To ensure a proper fit, we request that you get accurate measurements using a tape measure or the strip of cloth and yardstick method detail on the FAQ page. Without an accurate measurement, we cannot ensure that your garment will fit they way it is intended to. If you are taller than 5'9", please let us know that you will need a longer length jacket. For sizes larger than 48, there is an additional $25 added to the item.

Schuylkill Arsenal Infantry Overcoat

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