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One of the largest producers of Confederate uniforms from 1862 until the end of the war was the Richmond Depot, in Richmond, Virginia. This depot produced everything from jackets and trousers to caps, boots, and accutrements for the Confederate forces in Virginia and North Carolina. One of the most common styles of trousers seen among Confederate soldiers, then, were those produced by the Richmond Depot.


Our Richmond Depot trousers are based on several originals, including the pair issued to one of the Redwood brothers late in the war. They feature mule-ear pockets, a back belt with brass buckle, cotton drill waist "curtain," and extensive handsewing. One of the unique things about Richmond trousers, and the Redwood ones in particular, is the construction of the fly which is closed on the outside, rather than open like U.S. issue trousers. These can be made with gray or tan jean cloth, or sky blue wool kersey (see second picture for current wool we are using). The images here show the Redwood late war trousers, and thuse have black jappaned tin buttons, but the jean cloth ones come standard with bone button




To ensure a proper fit, we request that you provide an actual measurement around your waist at the naval as the difference between modern pant sizes and actual waist measurements can be as much as 4-6 inches. If you do not have a tape measure, place see our FAQ page for details on how to get your measurements with the strip of cloth and yardstick method.


For sizes larger than 48, there is an additional $20 added to the item.

Richmond Depot Trousers

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