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One of the most important activities Civil War soldiers engaged in-away from their military routine, marches, and battles-was letter writing. We here at K. Windahl & Co. know how important it is for the living historian to be able to not only carry his stationary, but also keep it dry! Our Soldier's Writing kit is made from cotton drill, is painted with the same paint as our haversacks, and is closed with a bone or glass button and twill cotton tape loop. To help you get started in keeping in touch with your family at home, we will even throw in 5 pieces of stationary and a handful of stamps (also good as betting chips for cards...but don't tell your sergeant)! Please select whether you would like a Union or Confederate writing case, and will we affix the appropriate label (Erie, Penna. or Richmond Virginia) and stock it with the appropriate stationary.

Painted Cloth Soldier's Writing Case

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