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While the Confederate government did not issue pre-made chevrons like the US government did, they did supply tape to regiments for the NCOs to apply themselves. Attaching these chevrons by hand to your new uniform can be a long and frustrating process... so why not have us do it for you! You can now order chevrons to be added to your new CS jacket or frock coat by our skilled hands rather than trying to hastily attachment in the last few moments before heading to an event. Chevrons can be ordered in black, blue, yellow, or red wool tape and in the following ranks:




First Sergeant

Quartermaster Sergeant

Sergeant Major


Please note, these are NOT pre-made chevrons like US issue ones, but rather individually handsewn chevrons attached to your uniform, so they can only be ordered WITH an existing order OR if you send us/drop off you jacket for us to attach them for you.

CS Chevrons

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