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During the war, the US Army needed to uniform more soldiers than the arsenal in Philadelphia was able to equip on its own. Because of this, they reached out to a wide range of contractors and tailoring firms throughout the North to produce the numerous items needed for the growing army. This overcoat is an example of that need. Made from a high quality light blue wool kersey, and lined in wool flannel in the body and cotton muslin the sleeves, this coat is predominately machine sewn, but does have numerous handsewn elements (buttonholes, collar facing closure, internal belt reinforements, etc.). A good quality overcoat can mean the difference between a good or bad experience at those chilly fall and spring events, and thus is one of the most useful items a living historian can own. We are sure this overcoat will serve you well, and keep you warm as you stand guard at a chilly picket post event.




To ensure a proper fit, we request that you get accurate measurements using a tape measure or the strip of cloth and yardstick method detail on the FAQ page. Without an accurate measurement, we cannot ensure that your garment will fit they way it is intended to.


If you are taller than 5'9", please let us know that you will need a longer length jacket.


For sizes larger than 48, there is an additional $25 added to the item.

Contract US Infantry Overcoat

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