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One of the most versatile and common garments worn by Confederate soldiers throughout the war, East and West, is the frock coat. These coats were made in a dizzying variety of styles, fabrics, and with a variety of options. We have chosen to recreate the style of frock coat sometimes called the "Louisiana" frock coat, but this style was made throughout the South. This style was essentially a simplified US pattern of frock coat, often with less buttons (7 or 8), closed cuffs, and cheaper materials like jean cloth and osnaburg. These coats really are the epitome of the domestic manufacturing and home-production economy that fueled the South's war effort.


If you would like specific state or special buttons, please specify at check-out. If there is an extra charge for the buttons we will contact you and send an invoice for the additional fee.


To ensure a proper fit, please provide the measurements below in inches.


Waist at naval

Torso length (base of neck to 1 inch below naval (or where you want the waist seam of the coat to rest)

Sleeve (edge of shoulder to level of the base of thumb)



These coats can also be customized quite a bit, so if you would like to have trim, exterior pocket, or other specific details added, send us a message for a custom quote.

Confederate Frock Coat

$450.00 Regular Price
$405.00Sale Price
Fabric Options
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