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Perhaps the single most common type of fatigue blouse worn by Union soldiers, a lined Schuylkill Arsenal blouse is the most useful and versatile coat a living historian can own. Worn by soldiers at all times during the war, and seen in all theaters of the war, there really is not a type of sack coat that can compete with this one for its versatility.


Our reproduction lined Schuylkill Arsenal fatigue blouse is made from the same high quality indigo wool flannel as our other blouses, and sports a wool flannel body lining with cotton muslin in the sleeves. Unique about this coat is that it features a 2-piece body and 1-piece sleeve construction. We can make this coat in either our standard grade (completely hand topstiched with machine sewn primary seams), or completely handsewn (an additional $95).




To ensure a proper fit, we request that you get accurate measurements using a tape measure or the strip of cloth and yardstick method detail on the FAQ page. Without an accurate measurement, we cannot ensure that your garment will fit they way it is intended to.


If you are taller than 5'9", please let us know that you will need a longer length jacket.


For sizes larger than 48, there is an additional $15 added to the item.

Lined Schuylkill Arsenal Fatigue Blouse

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